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It doesn’t take long to create a first impression at an event, just 7 seconds in fact. Traditionally, to create an amazing first impression businesses would go big with a custom-built stand. Often these stands would be designed for a single show and then forgotten about and probably chucked away.

Smaller and new companies would get lost in their dust as they simply couldn’t afford big spaces with big stands.

In recent times, there has been a change in the exhibition stands which businesses are choosing. They are moving away from expensive single use builds and instead choosing reusable, modular systems.

There are a variety of reusable stand options available, meaning there is something to suit every need and budget. From the most expensive custom-built frames and panels to a more affordable fabric backdrop, each option comes with its own advantages.

Reusable stands save you money

As you will probably end up using the stands at multiple events you are essentially spreading the cost across the number of times you are using it. In the end, it could turn out to be an extremely affordable solution. Spreading your budget as far as it will go can only be a good thing, right?

Your time is precious, use it wisely.

Sitting down at the beginning of the year and planning your exhibition calendar can save you a lot of time, money and stress. Taking time to research your stand options and thinking carefully about the design will set you off on the right foot for a successful season.

We all know planning for events can be a bit of a headache. With so many other things such as health and safety and team logistics to take care of, it would be nice not to have to worry about the stand on top of that. Avoiding the tedious design and build process each time will certainly take a weight off your mind.

You can get more use out of a reusable stand

As we just mentioned, thinking carefully about what you put on your stand will work in your favour. Here’s how:

Keep it simple

By having a bold but simple design, your stand can be used a number of times at multiple events. A specific message can then be targeted via the printed literature you have on your stand, or even via messages played on a tv or tablet.

Spaces for tech can be incorporated into the stand frame or there are standalone options to help keep your space even more versatile. You may not want, or need, to have information on a tv for every event you go to.

Make it scalable

Reusable stands are incredibly versatile. They can be used alone or grouped together to create a larger display.

Designing each individual backdrop so they can work together or individually can work like a pic ‘n’ mix. Choose the stands which fit or suit each event that you go to.

Whip them out when you are back home

To really get the most bang for your buck, use your stands as displays in the office. Fabric stands are particularly great for doing this. They can help break up a distracting, open plan office or zone off meeting areas. Or, how about using a bold design with your logo for the backdrop to your reception?


Less waste

These days, the amount of rubbish we produce is shocking! We have become a throwaway society and it’s a huge problem. Anything you can do to reduce your impact, and the stuff you throw away, can only be a good thing.

Reusable exhibition stands are one easy solution. Especially if you attend a number of trade shows and exhibitions in the year. The graphics can be switched out as your business grows.

By their very nature, reusable stands are designed to last.


Reasons to choose a fabric backdrop

Here at Ink on Fabric, we believe that fabric exhibition stands are a great solution for so many businesses. Especially start-ups and SMEs. Obviously, we are a little biased because it’s what we do but give us a moment and we will explain why!

A lightweight exhibition solution

Choosing a stand that is lightweight, easy to transport and handy to store means it can be whipped out at every opportunity.

You may be invited along to tender for business, imagine how professional you will look and how much more of an impact you will make if you arrive and set up a fabulous backdrop. You will instantly get across your business’ style, tone of voice and increase your brand awareness. Typically, people are more likely to remember a brand or piece of information if they have something visual to link to it. How many of you learn better, or are more likely to remember, if you see something visual? Quite a few of you I imagine, I know I certainly do.

A really practical solution

Honestly, exhibitions can be a dirty affair so there’s a chance that your backdrops could get a little mucky. With a fabric display there’s no need to worry! The fabric covers can be popped in the wash, at 30 degrees, with your everyday detergent. They will come out looking as good as new, ready for your next event.

Even more bang for your buck!

One of the great advantages of a fabric stand is that it can be printed on both sides.

You could choose to have a targeted message on one side and simply your logo on the other. This would make you visible from all angles at the trade show or event. Or, how about printing each side with a different photo which relates to your business? You could alternate which one to use as a backdrop for different events.

Stress free exhibition stand assembly

Many an exhibition has started off with stress levels through the roof as you rush to put the finishing touches on your stand. Whether that’s lining up bulky graphics or setting out products as the doors are opening. With one of our fabric stands it’s a stress you simply won’t have to deal with.

Our fabric exhibition stands are so easy to assemble and take down. You don’t need to get in additional labour to help with the set up or take down. Those in your team attending the show can simply show up on the day and pop up at the stand in next to no time. You will be ready to meet potential customers cool, calm and collected. Remember, first impressions count!


Why stop at fabric backdrops?

Here at Ink on Fabric we have a whole range of fabric solutions for your exhibition kit. You can mix and match our products to make a collection that works for you.

How about:

Get in touch if you would like to know more. Did you know, we also offer a design service to really help your fabric stands work for you!