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Upgrading your office

Do you have funky office envy?

Is your space not quite functioning as well as it could be? Are you over open plan?

It’s a known fact that the space you are working in can greatly increase or decrease productivity depending on how much you or your team enjoy being there.

If you have limited natural light coming in or tired looking walls you could be suffering from lacklustre motivation.

Refreshing your office space

When an office fit out or redecoration is out of the question then refresh your space with one (or more) of our fabric stands, booths. With double sided printing available you could be in a different office as often as you like. Whether you find a sun-soaked beach inspiring, or maybe a secluded lodge in the woods your imagination really is the limit.

Maybe escapism isn’t what you’re after? Fabric backdrops are a great way to get your brand advertised in the office to make it feel a little more like home. Having your brand message on display for everyone to see can motivate the team and keep everyone reminded of the standards they are working to.

Practically, they can be used to divide up spaces when an open plan just isn’t working anymore. You could use them to identify different team areas or separate out a break area, the possibilities really are endless.

Our curved booths offer a great alternative for a meeting space in an open plan office, at 2.3m tall you won’t have any passers -by peering over the top and with our largest booth coming in a width of 3.5m, there is plenty of space for chairs and a coffee table to pop the biscuits on!

Busy offices can be noisy places but don’t worry, we even have a solution for that! Using a dye sublimation process we can print onto a range of materials including an acoustic buffering material, perfect for keeping unwelcome noise to a minimum.

Even if you are a little tight on space there is a smaller option, for use by one or two people at a time, the Private Booth is large enough for a desk or a couple of chairs, complete with a curtain, the space will be as private as it needs to be – ask us for more information.

Each of our fabric backdrops or booths are made up of an aluminium frame and fabric jacket that neatly zips around the frame, they are lightweight, easy to construct and easy to store with an aluminium frame and the fabric jacket all folding down and fitting into a compact carrier bag.

Personalised Office Accessories

Maybe updating your office needs a bit more of a subtle touch? Personalised accessories is a great way to inject some personality into your working space. A few branded cushions in reception, personalised deckchairs and beanbags in the break room, bunting with your logo on down the corridor. It all helps to jazz up your space and create a more relaxed and enjoyable work place.

With so many options to consider, there is a solution for everyone. Go crazy and have fun with it! A happy office is a productive office.