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Ink on Fabric: How is the print quality so good?

When people first see an Ink on Fabric display, their initial reaction is often: “Wow! That looks great!”. Yes, they actually do say wow. They’re surprised at just how good the print quality is. And that quality translates to instant impact.

Printing ink on fabric isn’t exactly new. In fact, there are surviving examples from China that date to before 220AD. That’s old.

But things have moved on somewhat since then.

We use a process called dye-sublimation to permanently apply images to fabric. The process transfers the image into the material, bonding it with the fibre, rather than just printing onto the surface. That means you don’t need to worry about the image rubbing or washing off.

We run a big, fancy dye sublimation printer along with a Transomatic Fixation unit. Resolution sits at 2400dpi. But what does that all mean?

To give that a bit of context, dpi stands for dots per inch. Regular print, in magazines for example, is generally run at 300dpi. So 2400dpi means that the printing is super high quality. Every detail is crisp so your artwork looks fantastic.

The future of Ink on Fabric

According to some new research*, the digital textile printing industry is set to double its year on year global growth for the next five years. Why? Well, it’s largely down to the new state of the art equipment that’s now available, like the printer we have. It allows for faster order response and the ability to run customised runs. Both of these features are integral to the success of the Ink on Fabric range.

We’re giving you access to super high quality printing on different types of fabric which can transform any event into something truly spectacular. It’s the future!

*The Future of Digital Textile Printing to 2021, by Smithers Pira.