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Exhibition stand design: time to get creative

As you can imagine, we see a lot of exhibition stand designs. Most of them look OK. Some of them look quite good. But a large majority follow the same rather lack-lustre formula:

  • Company logo
  • Strapline
  • Stock image
  • A few bullets (or far too many in lots of cases!)
  • Contact details.

We can’t deny that this approach lets people know at a glance what you do. But it’s not exactly imaginative. It’s likely to blend in a bit with all the other exhibition stands around you, to the point that passers-by have largely gone “banner-blind”.

So we say to you – it’s time to get creative!

At any exhibition, one of your primary aims is to get visitors over to your stand so you can talk to them and tell them how great your product or service is. So why not attract people over by being different? Be bold. Be clever. Be intriguing. Be entertaining. Set a scene or tell a story. You don’t have to say everything you want to say on your backdrop. Let your stand design draw people over for another reason.

Here are a few simple designs that we think make really fantastic exhibition stands. Take inspiration from these and think about how a bit of clever design could say more about your company’s personality than a standard logo-and-bullets design would do.

Be fun!

We love how this display uses a few different elements to build a complete mini-environment. I’d pop over to see what was going on, wouldn’t you? Not least because there’s food involved…

Create a new space

By simply using a log cabin effect background, and some clever accessorising, this snug little space looks inviting and a world apart from your standard exhibition space. Who could resist pulling up a seating cube and flicking through your brochure?

Right up your street

Lots of great stuff going on in this image, but we particularly love the shop front. This approach gives a real sense of place, and could tell visitors exactly what you do without having to resort to the old logo-with-bullets formula.

Hey, Mr DJ…

Got a DJ, but your event is in a corporate venue, not in a cool, underground club? Not to worry, bring the club to the venue. A bit of clever set dressing can really transform a place.

We hope your creative juices are now flowing? All of the backdrops, banners and furniture you see in these photos are available directly from this website. If you need any help finding what you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.