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Roller banners are so five years ago. If you’re still rocking the roller banner, it may be time to move on.

But don’t just throw it away.

Here are 10 much better uses for them instead!


1. Water Slide

This one is obvious really, I’m not sure we even need to mention it. Clearly, the top thing to do would be to make a water slide! PVC banners are water resistant. I really don’t know why you haven’t thought of this one already. The more unwanted banners you have lying around, the more epic the slide!
(Just don’t forget to take the graphic out of the metal cassette first! Speed bumps are not recommended.)


2. Blackout Blind

Use the old graphic as a blackout blind. Block out the light AND decorate your window at the same time. Now there’s multi-use for you!


3. Wrapping Paper

The graphic of your old banner will make unique wrapping paper. Your dad won’t be in any doubt that those hilarious socks came from yours truly!


4. Kite

Cut your old graphic in to any shape. A diamond, a triangle, a rocket?! Attach to some wooden dowels and tie on some string. You now have yourself a kite.

Even better, attach string to the four corners, hop on a skate board et voilà…kite boarding!


5. Book Cover

Remember covering your exercise books in sticky back plastic? Yeah, us too!
Use your old roller banner to cover the kids’ school books instead.
Double sided sticky tape or PVA glue required!


6. Rounders Bat

Who doesn’t love a good game of rounders? Luckily you can use the cassette from your old roller banner as a handy bat for the much-loved game that has you running around in circles.


7. Fishing Rod

Attach a hook on a piece of string to the end of the supporting pole from your banner. Ta-dah, your very own fishing rod.


8. DIY Storage Basket

Have a spare Saturday afternoon? Try this. Cut your old graphic into strips. Weave them together and make baskets for storage. Or as a home for your house plants.

Show me how


9. DIY Wet Bag

Get your sewing machine out and make your very own wet bag. Perfect for storing toiletries, packing a swimming kit or taking to the beach.  Why stop at one? There will be plenty of old graphic left over to make a bag for all your friends too. So generous!

Show me how

Drawstring swimming bag


10. Bunting

No party should be complete without a string of bunting. Cut your old graphic into triangles and make the perfect outdoor party bunting. As they are water resistant it would be ideal for decorating your garden all year round.


We hope you feel inspired by these top ideas.

Please remember that you undertake all of these super fun ideas at your own risk. We cannot be held responsible for injuries caused by extra slippery water slides. We will, however, accept video evidence of your rad slip n slide.

How are you going to re-use your defunct roller banner?